Spot Bot

The world's first digital assistant designed to save you and your friends from skin cancer and melanoma.

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According to previous year averages, over 81,000 people would have normally been treated for skin cancer – but haven’t – because of the pandemic and associated lock-downs which have made it difficult for people to see their GP or skin cancer clinic for a skin check.

This figure comes from a study by Cancer Australia which warns of a dangerous surge in late stage cancer numbers if people don’t take action. Meaning – it’s never been more important to get a skin check. Thankfully, over 98% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if they’re detected early, which is exactly what SPOT is all about.

SPOT was launched on the first day of summer 2021, and was created by the Founder of Skin Check Champions, Scott Maggs, formerly known as Jimmy Niggles Esq. He lost his mate Wes Bonny to skin cancer at the age of 26 and thinks if something like SPOT was being shared around back then, it might have saved his mate’s life.

RENY Digital worked with Skin Check Champions, The Bot Forge in London and Meta (Facebook Crative Studio) to create a world first Bot that helps save lives.

Spot Bot
Spot Bot