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You know that device you are reading this on! Well, that’s what gets us up every day. Working with you to make ground-breaking, industry-defining, websites, apps and User Experience Design. The kind of work that speaks to possibility and opportunity. We help you drive positive impact for your brand and business.

Our Mission: Enrich the lives of humans through technology & design.

Reny Digital Agency Sydney
Reny Digital Agency Sydney

When all you do is create websites & apps, you get quite good at it!

Reny Digital has spent 12 years harnessing some of the world's best talent. We have agency partners and clients all over the world who share our passion for great design and user experience. We combine this passion with a set of values focused on improving the world we share. That feels rad and (almost) always, creates mind-bending work that solves real market problems.


In 2009, Ben & Nicola Rennie set out to create a remote-first digital agency that was fast, affordable with no BS. Today, 12 years later, we have offices in Sydney & Wollongong (formerly, pre-covid in San Francisco). We get to help our clients achieve their goals through our expertise in design, technology, content, and digital strategy. We work closely with clients to understand their customers and to create experiences that deepen those relationships.

If it's got a screen! We got your back!

Over the past 11 years we have refined our process across a wide range of timelines, budgets, and industries. Browsers and smartphone screens tend to follow us, you could say, if it has a screen, we can design for it. We are always searching for new ways to re-imagine screen design. We bring a passion to innovate and surprise to every new project we do. We do this because we love design, we enjoy working with good people.

Want to work with us? With a team of 50+ digital experts, we got this!

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